Mr. Andy Tournas

Hot Tub Products
2 Toellas Rd, Unit 13
United States


Andy Tournas was the Founder in 1983 of ThermoSpas Inc., a manufacturer of luxury hot tubs sold internationally. In 1995 he transformed ThermoSpas into the largest hot tub retailer in the world. ThermoSpas under his leadership won virtually every award in the industry for technology advancement to consumer education. At ThermoSpas Andy coined the phrase “We Turn Water into Therapy” and developed a program called “Seasons of Giving” which provided free hot tubs each year to children with severe ailments whose families were unable to afford one. While operating ThermoSpas he was a member for 11 years of the industry’s National Hot Tub Council and served on the board of directors of the APSP. In 2009 Andy founded the IHTA (International Hot Tub Association) and served as its president for two years.

After the sale of ThermoSpas in 2012, Andy with his son Kyle, developed Hot Tub Products a manufacturing company selling hot tub accessories direct to OEM’s and Dealers. Today they have created a unique licensing program that provides hot tub dealers and service companies their own online ecommerce site at no cost, helping them sell accessories to their customer base. Hot Tub Products acts as the fulfillment center for those not seeking to stock inventory and offers a full marketing support program provided free to all dealers.

Andy also has a consulting firm, Scout Marketing, that has assisted OEM’s like Watkins, large retail chains like Namco, and select dealers seeking to advance their hot tub sales program.


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