Lo-Chlor / TropiClear

Ft. Lauderdale,  FL 
United States
http://www.lo-chlor.com; http://www.tropiclear.com
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We solve all your chemical and maintenance equipment needs.

Lo-Chlor Specialty Pool Chemicals are specifically designed to target pool water problems that maintenance chemicals alone cannot resolve. Lo-Chlor's premium pool products are highly effective, rigorously lab tested and all competitively priced. Lo-Chlor is “The PROVEN Solution”. 

TropiClear Maintenance Pool Chemicals are concentrated and designed to provide the pool pro with excellent value year after year. Rely on TropiClear Pool Chemicals to help maintain healthy, perfectly balanced, crystal clear water. Our cheerful packaging is segmented into four color-coded product lines: Algaecides, Sanitizers, Stabilizers and Specialties, so it's quick to find what you need. 

Brands: Lo-Chlor: 90-Day Pool Algicide, Leak Sealer, Aqua Blanket, FastStart-Tech, Lo-Phos Max, Knockdown & more. TropiClear: Multi-Tabs, No More Troubles, Yellow Eliminator, Black Algae Destroyer & more.