Pool Tiger

Pompano,  FL 
United States
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REVOLUTIONARY POOL TIGER!! Chemical Reducer - Cleaner Water

Pool Tiger is a Revolutionary newly Patented technology that is changing the way pool builders, pool service companies, and their customers manage and maintenence their pools and hot tubs.  As water flows through the Pool Tiger, it is channelled through proprietary nozzles that convert it to water vapor, super-heating it for a fraction of a second.  Instantly, the water vapor collapses and reverts back to a liquid and creating a harmonic vibration.

The Pool Tiger technology has demonstrated over and over again in live environments, both with customers and third party testing, to effectively control algae, bacteria, and metals while balancing ph levels naturally without requiring electricity greatly reducing chemical usage. In addition, it negatively charges the water which cause the dead algae to 'glom together' in larger particles providing for superior water clarity and purity.

The Pool Tiger provides for better Health, Comfort, Aesthetics, and is better for the Envirmonment by making the minmal checmicals used work more effeciently.  It's practicle, affordable, and will extend the life of your Pool and Hot Tubs equiment and finishes. 

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