Aadvanced Leak Detection, Inc.

Longwood,  FL 
United States
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Aadvanced Leak Detection specializes in finding/fixing complex leaks in residential and commercial, pools, spas and fountains in the Central Florida area. Through patented and proprietary technologies, we are constantly striving to be the cutting edge in our industry.



We've developed highly effective, proprietary methods to locate even the most elusive leaks. Leaks in Sheer fountains, floorjet systems, spa therapy plumbing, negative edge (multi-tiered) systems, drain lines, return lines, etc. can all be expertly located by our innovative techniques.


No pointing to a leak & leaving here..., it's more like 'The Leak Stops Here!'.

Through ground-breaking Research & Development, we've pioneered non-invasive & minimally invasive technologies for effectively repairing your underground PLUMBING BREAK, pool wall/floor CRACKS, or separated TILE-LINE. All carry multi-year warranties, and consider this...most of the time these repairs can be done with water in place.


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Brands: * Deck-Saver™ Internal Pipe Repair. * Tile-Saver™ Crack-Injection. * Keyed Gasket-way™ shell crack repairs.